AREUEA Policies

AREUEA Code of Professional Conduct

Guiding Principles

The American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association expects its membership to behave with intellectual and professional integrity.

AREUEA seeks to create a safe, productive, inclusive and collegial environment with equal opportunity and fair treatment for all members and participants in its activities, especially those from groups that historically have not been well represented.

AREUEA will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse of a position of power from anyone attending its meetings and events, engaging in the publication process for Real Estate Economics or otherwise conducting AREUEA business.

Conferences and Events

AREUEA members are both personally and collectively expected to develop and maintain a culture and environment that promotes the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Organizers, members, and attendees should ensure that AREUEA events and conferences promote the free exchange of ideas, and welcome without bias or prejudice the participation of all researchers.

The Peer-Review Process

The peer-review process ensures the accuracy and quality of published research. As part of the peer-review process, referees should review submissions carefully, confidentially, and without prejudgment and editors should fairly apply standards and operate without personal or ideological favoritism. Editors and referees need to make certain that promises of confidentiality and anonymity are kept.


Possible violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported to Stephanie Moulton, the AREUEA Professional Conduct and Inclusion Officer and, if appropriate, the AEA Ombudsman. The AREUEA Board reserves the right to take action against individuals who may have violated the Code of Conduct. Code enforcement procedures and potential penalties are described in the AREUEA Policies for Code of Conduct Violations document which is posted below on this page.

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