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The Mortgage Market Research Conference: Call for Papers

The Mortgage Market Research Conference: Call for Papers
February 01, 2022 | Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Mortgages are the largest component of household debt, and the mortgage market influences many aspects of the economy, such as homeownership and wealth accumulation, inequality, real estate prices, household balance sheets and consumption, the structure of the financial sector, financial cycles and systemic risk, and the transmission of monetary policy and macroeconomic shocks. The mortgage market has also experienced many changes in recent years, including tighter regulation, the growth of nonbank and fintech lending, and mortgage forbearance and a refinancing wave induced by the pandemic.
The Mortgage Market Research Conference is a forum for the presentation and discussion of new academic research on topics related to mortgages and the mortgage market. The conference will primarily focus on the residential mortgage market, although research on commercial mortgages will also be considered.
The conference is jointly organized by the Philadelphia Fed Consumer Finance Institute, the Research Department, and the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit Department.

Paper Submission Procedure

Interested authors should submit a PDF version of their paper. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, February 1, 2022. There is no submission fee.

Authors of accepted papers will be notified by late February.

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Call for Papers | ESCP-TAU-UCLA Conference on Low-Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability, June 14-16, 2022

CALL FOR PAPERS: ESCP-TAU-UCLA Conference on Low-Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability, June 14-16, 2022

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Call for Papers - Special Issue of the Journal of European Real Estate Research on research related to Healthcare and Real Estate

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Healthcare and Real Estate
The Journal of European Real Estate Research

Closes on 30 April 2022
Submission window opens on ScholarOne (do not submit before this date): 01 November 2021.

Overview of special issue
The demand for healthcare facilities has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, covering a wide range of properties from the specialist and non-specialist medical facilities to nursing homes, to off-site facilities. An ageing population across many parts of the world and changes in public awareness and attitude to healthcare have driven and will continue to drive demand for healthcare space and services. Significant technological innovations have also started to transform the traditional ways of healthcare provision and several of those have proved to be viable solutions. Moreover, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight squarely on healthcare and highlighted the inequalities and imbalances in terms of access to healthcare.

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Call for Papers | Journal of Housing Economics


Special Issue of the Journal of Housing Economics on research related to COVID-19 and Housing Markets

This special issue will feature research that sheds light on the current and future impacts of COVID-19 on housing markets and household mobility. The pandemic has affected housing and mortgage markets, with consequences for both owners and renters, in the short and long run. We welcome research on any topic that addresses these impacts, including policy responses, such as the impact of moratoria policies on mortgage payments or evictions and the design and implementation of rental assistance programs. We also seek to better understand the distribution of impacts by urban/rural location, region, industry, and household demographics. We welcome empirical research that makes use of innovative data sources and cutting-edge methods. We also are open to historical analyses that present the challenges and trajectory of housing markets under and in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Papers must be of sufficient analytical rigor to meet the customary standards of the journal. Timeliness is very important, as the editors and the journal seek to limit delays between the acceptance of manuscripts and eventual publication.

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