Historical Virtual Seminar Series Presentations

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4/24/2024 Remi Jedwab (GWU) The Skyscraper Revolution:  Global Economic Development and Land Savings
4/10/2024 Jiro Yoshida (Penn State) Aging, Homeownership, and Macroeconomic Inefficiency
3/27/2024 Lu Liu (Wharton) Mortgage Lock-in, Mobility, and Labor Reallocation
3/13/2024 Adam Soliman (LSE) The Erosion of Homeownership and Minority Wealth: The Role of Institutional Investors
2/28/2024 May Rostom (Bank of England) Price Discrimination and Mortgage Choice
2/14/2024 Yichun Fan (MIT) Social Cost of Lifestyle Adaptation: Air Pollution and Outdoor Physical Exercise
1/31/2024 Sonia Gilbukh (CUNY) How the Source of Financing Discrimination Affects Housing Opportunities for FHA Buyers
1/17/2024 Simon Buechler (MIT) On the value of market signals: Evidence from commercial real estate redevelopment
12/13/2023 Xi Yang (University of North Texas) More Credit, Fewer Babies? Bank Credit Expansion, House Price, and Fertility
11/29/2023 Dayin Zhang (Wisconsin-Madison) How do Labor Shortages Affect Residential Construction and Housing Affordability?
11/15/2023 Lee Kwok-Hao (National University of Singapore) The Dynamic Allocation of Public Housing: Policy and Spillovers
11/1/2023 Nitzan Tzur-Ilan (FRB Dallas) The Effects of Extreme Wildfire and Smoke Events on Household Financial Outcomes
10/18/2023 Gregor Schubert (UCLA) The Impact of Cultural Preferences on Homeownership
10/4/2023 Yi Fan (National University of Singapore) The Unintended Consequences of Coal Fired Power Plant Closures: Evidence from China
9/20/2023 Cameron LaPoint (Yale) Spatially-Targeted LTV Policies
9/6/2023 Andra Ghent (University of Utah) The Best Cities for Firms
5/31/2023 Haoyang Liu (Dallas Fed) The Economic Vote: Evidence from Interest Rate Pass-Through
5/17/2023 Siddhartha Biswas (Philadelphia Fed) California Wildfires, Property Damage, and Mortgage Repayment
5/3/2023 C. Jack Liebersohn (UC Irvine) The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Remote Work on U.S. Housing Markets
4/19/2023 Marianna Kudlyak (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) House Price Responses to Monetary Policy Surprises: Evidence from U.S. Listings Data
4/12/2023 Christopher Palmer (MIT) The Last Mile of Monetary Policy: Inattention, Reminders, and the Refinancing Channel
3/29/2023 Camilo Acosta (Universidad EAFIT) Quality of Communications Infrastructure, Local Structural Transformation, and Inequality
3/15/2023 James Graham (University of Sydney) Public Education and Intergenerational Housing Wealth Effects
3/1/2023 Ron Cheung (Oberlin)  All (Economic) Politics is Local: Voting Responses to Localized Price Shocks during the Great Recession
2/15/2023 David Ling (University of Florida) Catering and Return Manipulation in Private Equity
2/1/2023 Gaston Illanes (Northwestern) Information Frictions in Mortgage Refinancing
1/18/2023 Joseph Nichols (Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System) Dry Power vs. Inside Information
12/14/2022 Zongyuan Li (Wenzhou-Kean University) Impact of Political Connections in Land Sales in China: Headquarter vs. Subsidiaries
11/30/2022 Robert Connolly (University of Florida) REIT Returns and Inflation Shocks with Economic State-Dependencies
11/9/2022 Andrii Parkhomenko (USC) Homeownership, Polarization, and Inequality
10/26/2022 Cameron LaPoint (Yale) Tax Sales, Private Capital, and Gentrification in the U.S
10/12/2022 Leah Brooks (George Washington University) Destruction, Policy, and the Evolving Consequences of Washington, DC’s 1968 Civil Disturbance


Patrick Bayer (Duke Separate and Unequal: Race and the Geography of the American Housing Market


Marco Giacoletti (USC) Propagating Experiences by Competing: Micro-Level Evidence from Real Estate


Jesse Rothstein (Berkeley) Location, Location, Location


Chandler Lutz (Securities and Exchange Commission) Highly Disaggregated Land Unavailability


Eunjee Kwon (University of Cincinnati) The Unintended Consequences of Post-Disaster Policies for Spatial Sorting


5/11/2022 Sean Flynn (Tulane University) The Imitation Game: How Encouraging Renegotiation Makes Good Borrowers Bad
4/27/2022 Gonzalo Maturana (Emory University) Do Property Rehabs Affect Neighboring Property Prices?
3/30/2022 Jeffrey Traczynski (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Intermediation Frictions in Debt Relief: Evidence from CARES Act Forbearance
3/16/2022 You Kim (Federal Reserve Board) Intermediation Frictions in Debt Relief: Evidence from CARES Act Forbearance
3/2/2022 Maxence Valentin (Penn State Smeal College of Business) Heterogeneous Preferences and the Provision of Local Public Goods
2/16/2022 David Low (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) What Triggers Mortgage Default? New Evidence from Linked Administrative and Survey Data
2/2/2022 Lara Loewenstein (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) Recourse as Shadow Equity: Evidence from Commercial Real Estate Loans


 Kwan Ok Lee (NUS) Role of Emergency Disaster Relief Payment to Consumption Behavior in the COVID-19 Pandemic
12/15/2021 Brian J. Asquith

Why Are Older Workers Moving Less While Working Longer?

12/1/2021 Ben McCartney

'Sort Selling': Political Polarization and Residential Choice

11/17/2021 Lee Seltzer

The Effects of Leverage on Investments in Maintenance:  Evidence from Apartments

11/3/2021 Will Strange

Are City Centers Losing Their Appeal? Commercial Real Estate, Urban Spatial Structure, and COVID

10/20/2021 John Griffin

Is COVID Revealing a CMBS Virus?

09/22/2021 David Low

Psychic Moving Costs and Mortgage Default with Positive Equity


Patrick Moran

Breaking the Commitment Device: The Effect of Home Equity Withdrawal on Consumption, Saving, and Welfare


Albert Zevelev

Does Bankruptcy Protection Affect Asset Prices? Evidence from changes in Homestead Exemptions


Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Flattening the Curve: Pandemic-Induced Revaluation of Urban Real Estate


Nitzan Tzur-Ilan

More Than Shelter: The Effects of Rental Eviction Moratoria on Household Well-Being


Erik Hembre

Tax Incentives and Housing Decisions: Investigating Effects of the TCJA


Ross Valkanov

The Mortgage-Cash Premium Puzzle


Kris Gerardi

Mortgage Prepayment, Race, and Monetary Policy


Maisy Wong

Estimating Preferences for Neighborhood Amenities under Imperfect Information


Matt Kahn

Mortgage Finance and Climate Change


Luis A. Lopez

Did the Paycheck Protection Program Help Small Businesses? Evidence from Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities


Maxence Valentin

Tax Deductibility, Market Frictions, and Price Discrimination: Evidence from the Mortgage Market


Edison Yu

Real Estate Taxes and Home Value:  Evidence from TCJA


Sean Wilkoff

Amazon Is Coming to Town: Private Information Leakage and Housing Market Efficiency


Dayin Zhang

Government-Sponsored Wholesale Funding and the Industrial Organization of Bank Lending


Samir Elsadek Mahmoudi

The Propagation of Local Credit Shocks:  Evidence from Hurricane Katrina


Yongqiang Chu

The Color of Hedge Fund Activism


Cameron LaPoint

Flip or Flop? Tobin Taxes in the Real Estate Market (link not available)


Arka PravaBandyopadhyay

Cost of Misaligned CARES Act: Overcrowding, Selective Verification and Unintended Racial Consequences


David Echeverry

Adverse Selection in Mortgage Markets:  Fannie Mae Selling Default Risk (link not available)


Neil Bhutta

Equal Access to Mortgages?  Evidence from the Expanded HMDA Data (link not available)


Alina Arefeva

Job Growth from Opportunity Zones


Asaf Bernstein

Mortgage Amortization and Wealth Accumulation


Walter Dlima

COVID-19 and Housing Market Effects: Evidence from U.S. Shutdown Orders


Joseph Gyourko

The Impact of Local Residential Land Use Restrictions on Land Values


Anthony Lee Zhang

Liquidity in Residential Real Estate Markets


Eileen van Straelen

Desperate House Sellers: Distress Among Developers


Wenlan Qian

The Effect of Wealth Shocks on Shirking: Evidence from the Housing Market


Andrii Parkhomenko

How Do Cities Change When We Work from Home?


David Ling

A First Look at the Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate Prices: Asset-Level Evidence