Historical Virtual Seminar Series Presentations

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09/22/2021 David Low

Psychic Moving Costs and Mortgage Default with Positive Equity

09/08/2021 Patrick Moran

Breaking the Commitment Device: The Effect of Home Equity Withdrawal on Consumption, Saving, and Welfare

08/25/2021 Albert Zevelev

Does Bankruptcy Protection Affect Asset Prices? Evidence from changes in Homestead Exemptions

08/11/2021 Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Flattening the Curve: Pandemic-Induced Revaluation of Urban Real Estate

07/14/2021 Nitzan Tzur-Ilan

More Than Shelter: The Effects of Rental Eviction Moratoria on Household Well-Being

06/16/2021 Erik Hembre

Tax Incentives and Housing Decisions: Investigating Effects of the TCJA

06/09/2021 Ross Valkanov

The Mortgage-Cash Premium Puzzle

05/19/2021 Kris Gerardi

Mortgage Prepayment, Race, and Monetary Policy

05/05/2021 Maisy Wong

Estimating Preferences for Neighborhood Amenities under Imperfect Information

04/21/2021 Matt Kahn

Mortgage Finance and Climate Change

04/07/2021 Luis A. Lopez

Did the Paycheck Protection Program Help Small Businesses? Evidence from Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities

03/24/2021 Maxence Valentin

Tax Deductibility, Market Frictions, and Price Discrimination: Evidence from the Mortgage Market

03/10/2021 Edison Yu

Real Estate Taxes and Home Value:  Evidence from TCJA

02/24/2021 Sean Wilkoff

Amazon Is Coming to Town: Private Information Leakage and Housing Market Efficiency

02/10/2021 Dayin Zhang

Government-Sponsored Wholesale Funding and the Industrial Organization of Bank Lending

01/27/2021 Samir Elsadek Mahmoudi

The Propagation of Local Credit Shocks:  Evidence from Hurricane Katrina

01/13/2021 Yongqiang Chu

The Color of Hedge Fund Activism

12/16/2020 Cameron LaPoint

Flip or Flop? Tobin Taxes in the Real Estate Market (link not available)

12/02/2020 Arka PravaBandyopadhyay

Cost of Misaligned CARES Act: Overcrowding, Selective Verification and Unintended Racial Consequences

11/18/2020 David Echeverry

Adverse Selection in Mortgage Markets:  Fannie Mae Selling Default Risk (link not available)

11/04/2020 Neil Bhutta

Equal Access to Mortgages?  Evidence from the Expanded HMDA Data (link not available)

10/21/2020 Alina Arefeva

Job Growth from Opportunity Zones

10/07/2020 Asaf Bernstein

Mortgage Amortization and Wealth Accumulation

09/23/2020 Walter Dlima

COVID-19 and Housing Market Effects: Evidence from U.S. Shutdown Orders

09/09/2020 Joseph Gyourko

The Impact of Local Residential Land Use Restrictions on Land Values

08/26/2020 Anthony Lee Zhang

Liquidity in Residential Real Estate Markets

08/12/2020 Eileen van Straelen

Desperate House Sellers: Distress Among Developers

07/29/2020 Wenlan Qian

The Effect of Wealth Shocks on Shirking: Evidence from the Housing Market

07/15/2020 Andrii Parkhomenko

How Do Cities Change When We Work from Home?

07/01/2020 David Ling

A First Look at the Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate Prices: Asset-Level Evidence